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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Introducing the VR Dashboard: HootSuite Announces Oculus Rift Integration - HootSuite Social Media Management

Introducing the VR Dashboard: HootSuite Announces Oculus Rift Integration - HootSuite Social Media Management: "When Facebook announced its two-billion-dollar acquisition of virtual reality company Oculus Rift, the big question was, how will they integrate virtual reality with the Facebook experience? With our new Oculus Rift integration, HootSuite has the answer.

Engaging with fans and customers is the bedrock of a successful social media strategy, and there’s no better way to connect than with an immersive virtual reality experience. When so many businesses struggle to include social media as a part of their business reality, virtual reality becomes the perfect environment to easily improve engagement.

With the HootSuite-Facebook-Oculus Rift integration, you can:

Collaborate in virtual command center environments to handle high volume or sensitive social media responses
Test messaging in simulated scenarios
Immerse yourself in customer feedback
Stylize analytics reports in augmented reality
Avoid carpal tunnel by pushing virtual buttons, not real ones"

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ten Creative Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Ten Creative Real Estate Marketing Ideas: "Selling real estate requires energy, creativity, perseverance, optimism and a fantastic marketing plan. The most successful real estate agents know how to target the most likely buyers, and shape their marketing campaigns to favor both buyer and seller markets. Here are 10 of the most useful real estate marketing ideas.

 1. Sell the Lifestyle
When you attempt to sell a home, you´re not just selling the walls, ceilings, floors and rooftops; you´re selling a whole new lifestyle. If you want to get a leg up on your competition, stop marketing properties. Everyone reads the same MLS listing. Stop trying to market yourself. No offense, but nobody cares. To make the sale, you must appeal to the client´s desire for a fantasy lifestyle. Consider the headings you might see in International Living Magazine: “The Joy of Living in This Medieval French Town.” Without going into detail, this headline sparks an immediate fantasy of a particular type of life."

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Klout Joins Lithium - - Gmail

I am proud to share the news that Klout is joining forces with Lithium Technologies.
We started Klout in 2008 with the crazy idea of measuring the world’s influence. We wanted to help people understand and be recognized for the impact of their voice. It has been amazing to watch this happen. The Klout Score has grown into the standard of influence and our platform has evolved significantly to help users share their passions online.
As Klout takes the next step toward helping our users, I believe that Lithium is the ideal partner. Lithium powers many of the most vibrant communities online for leading brands like Spotify, Skype and Sephora. Together, we can do more to help you share your passions, measure your impact and grow your reputation.
I want you to know that our mission has not changed — Lithium shares our passion for empowering every person to understand and maximize their impact online. Klout will continue helping content creators be great online. You will still be able to get insights about your social media performance, find new content to share, and be rewarded with Perks on both and our mobile app.
On behalf of the Klout team, I would like to thank everyone who has ever checked their Klout Score. We are humbled by your passion, curiosity, excitement and support. We look forward to continuing to serve you as we begin this new journey.
Joe Fernandez
CEO & Co-Founder, Klout
Klout Joins Lithium - - Gmail