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Book design costs will depend on the amount of work involved. Most authors and publishers find that the extra time spent to make their book look really good is well worth it.

Design and layout of text pages for a standard book with relatively simple chapter pages may take less time. The time involved increases when we add sub-titles, lists, fancy chapter pages, tables and charts, and photos. 

Cover costs will depend on whether or not cover images are supplied, how much work is required to modify the images, complexity of the front and back cover design, and so on.

Following are the elements which go in the designing and preparation of the book ready to be published or e-bublished on which the pricing depends:
  • Size: 5.25" x 8.25"
  • Obtaining ISBN No.
  • Cover and jacket design: Front cover, Back Cover, Spine 
  • Optimized ebook cover ( barcode & QR Code )
  • Text layout and pages including indexing
  • Inside pictures, layout and scanning  
  • Photo & caption placement
  • File preparation,
  • Converting into pdf format for uploading
  • Converting into epub format for uploading
  • 3D design for promotion/3D web promo image
  • Book mark optional
  • Launch of the book can be arranged in Toronto Optional
EXAMPLE standard cost for designing:

Social Commentary - 320 pages, 
Size: 5.25" x 8.25"
Cover design - $250
Text layout - $750
File prep, barcode, misc - $75
Total - $1075

Text included multi sub-heads, 
indented text, quotes, endnotes, 
index. Considerable post-layout editing.